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The Complete Guide to Successfully Buying Beats for Sale Online

By May 30, 2017Guides/Info

Whether you’re looking for trap beats, hip hop beats, rap beats, pop beats, rock instrumentals or any other genre, if you’re an aspiring artist and/or songwriter, there’s no doubt that you’re always looking for beats and instrumentals to make your next hit. Unsurprisingly enough, the number one source for finding beats for sale is on the internet. These days it is almost safe to say that most beats found by indie artists or up and coming artists are found online. It’s also very common for major labels and artists to buy beats online and find new producers to work with. Simply put, if you’re not expanding your music or beat selling business through the internet, it is safe to say that it might not last.


Probably the most common way of buying and selling beats is through leasing. Most if not all producers make their money through selling beat leases.
Now the sale and stream limits along with other factors, depends on the producer and the type of lease but most producers will have 3-5 tiers of leases varying from basic to exclusive. Below I have listed the most common types of beat leases that I see on most beats for sale.

Mp3 Leases:

  • Can sell a limited amount of units
  • Only receive MP3 file of instrumental
  • Might be tagged depending on producer
  • Limited to 1 radio station
  • Typically must credit producer

Wav Leases or “Premium”:

  • Can sell a limited amount of units but usually much more than an MP3 lease
  • Receive a high quality WAV and usually also the MP3
  • Usually completely untagged
  • Rights pertaining to broadcasting are more liberal
  • Typically must credit producer


Trackout Leases:

  • Can sell more units than a WAV lease, typically
  • Receive MP3, WAV and trackouts or stems (each individual layer of the beat)
  • Untagged
  • Higher broadcasting rights than sub leases
  • Typically must credit producer/Sometimes not depending on producer


Unlimited Leases:

  • Can sell unlimited units, usually with split publishing
  • Receive all files pertaining to track
  • Untagged
  • Unlimited broadcasting and performing rights
  • Typically must credit producer/Sometimes not depending on producer


These are the most common leases found these days from what I’ve seen although most if not all beat selling platforms allows producers to create their own leases with their own terms and limitations. Many producers do not sell track outs or unlimited leases or if they do, they sell them at an exponentially higher rate due to fear of their beat being stolen.

Exclusives are pretty self explanatory as it is in the word. This type of sale makes the buyer the sole possessor of the beat for sale although many producers do allow the beat to be leased before it is sold as an exclusive which raises some controversy in the community regarding the ethics of this.

Most exclusives typically costs hundreds of dollars since the producer won’t be able to sell it anymore afterwards and in some cases the producer forfeits ownership of the beat to the buyer.


Security and Credibility

Say you find a beat you really love and the producer is selling it only via e-mail, this can sway a number of potential buyers due to the lack of a typical e-commerce platform. Now if we’re being real, most producers will not scam you over e-mail. If you decide to purchase a beat over e-mail, make sure you are paying via PayPal or a similar middleman platform since it is typically easy to get your money back in case the worst does occur.

If you are buying through a beat store based platform such as Beat Stars or myFlashStore, there is no need to worry as these are established platforms and companies and require the producers that use it to upload the necessary files pertaining to the specified lease.
That is basically the gist of buying beats online. In general scamming is not common in the beat selling community, just use common sense when judging the source you are buying from whether it be a YouTube video that links to a site or on SoundCloud or anywhere else you look for beats. If you think I missed a particular topic that you would like me to talk about or discuss something in further detail, please leave a comment and let me know!

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