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Remaking the Kendrick Lamar Loyalty Instrumental

Kendrick Lamar dropped his fourth LP ‘Damn’ on Friday. Needless to say he brings his masterful vision and stitches this album together beautifully.

This is my favorite album of Kendrick’s in terms of the production, from the samples to the small nuances and creative mixing, it compliments Kendrick’s vocal delivery masterfully. One of my favorite beats on the album is the joint with Rihanna, ‘Loyalty’.

The Sample

As soon as I heard it I had to try to remake it. Unsurprisingly, it was pretty damn easy. The melody is a chopped up, pitched up, sped up, and reversed sample of Bruno Mars’ ’24K Magic’, the way it was sampled was quite brilliant to me. Luckily for me the sample is played by itself in the intro of the song.

The Method

All I had to do was take that solo’d portion in the beginning, do a quick little chop since DJ Dahi cuts off the ending and that was it. I did a quick search through my sounds to find the similar drums and mimicked the simple drum pattern that remains constant throughout the track.

For the 808s I just took the track and did a low-pass filter at around 100 hz and matched the chops up to the rest of the track. Some simple mixing later and this is what I got, a free download is available, hope you enjoy!


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